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Chicago Music

Explore Chicago's award winning custom music houses, one-stop licensing companies, composers, record labels, publishers, artists, music supervisors, music clearance experts, and other music professionals. 

Music Libraries

Discover Chicago Based Music Licensors. Explore pre-cleared music or submit your music for consideration.


Who'z The Boss

Minority owned, artist friendly, Chicago based full service music licensing company with a mission to equitably represent & educate artists & producers.


Squeak E. Clean

Global creative audio network with industry-leading expertise in Original Music, Post Audio, Sonic Branding and Music Supervision.

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Noisefloor is a post-production audio, sound and music facility with over 20 years of experience, equipped with sound specialists for commercials, television, film, radio, video games, web, interactive projects and more.


Groove Garden

Groove Garden is an ambitious all-women operation specializing in music supervision and licensing. Helping our clients achieve the perfect synergy of music and visuals is our M.O., and we work with everybody, from household names to indie upstarts.


Alistar Media

A one-stop for all your music creation and licensing needs.


Said So Sound

Said So Sound is a music licensing agency, and production house made up of artists and composers we've met working in the music industry, on tour, and in recording studios around the globe.



Comma Music

Full Service white glove music company that caters to the advertising community


Slang Music Group

Slang Music Group is a multifeatured music and sound house that produces award winning recording artists and delivers modern sounds to the ad industry seamlessly. 

Music Libaries

Custom Music/Composition

Discover Chicago Custom Music/Composition

Custom Music

Chicago Record Labels

Discover Chicago Record Labels

Chicago Record Labels
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